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So I total told nokomis305 that I would rec her some fic, and I figured I might as well make it a public service sort of deal as well. Because everyone deserves good fic in their lives. :D

Teen Wolf Recs


It's Nine in the Afternoon by avidlie, PG-13, Stiles has never seen Derek kiss anyone. Or the one where Stiles almost gets punched in the face by a werewolf and of course, Derek saves the day, again. With his lips.

sweeter than heaven by avidlie, G, At first, he hated Derek so much that he became obsessed with him. Or the one where Stiles is just obsessed with Derek in general, and maybe that isn't such a bad thing, either.

Chasing the Sun by avidlie, PG-13, Stiles has just gotten a new neighbor again. Obviously this means he has to whip out his old mixing bowl and start to charm the shit out of whoever they are. 'They' happen to be Derek.

if you get lost you can always be found by avidlie, PG-13, Stiles is delirious and dehydrated when he stumbles into Derek's auto shop with a broken down jeep. Afterwards, for some reason, Stiles can't seem to stay away. Even if he's pretty sure Derek hates him. A lot.

Desperate But Not Serious by sofonisba_found, NC-17, Stiles is one of the more memorable students in the undergrad Psych class that Derek is assigned to as a TA, and he's not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. But when Derek finds Stiles starring on a certain website, his feelings become much more clear.

I've Underestimated My Charm (Again) by Swing Set in December, WIP, PG-13, Beacon Hills needs a doctor. They're willing to pull out all the stops, including sending Stiles to go live in the woods.

home is an open book by snowdarkred, G, The front door’s unlocked, and nobody’s home, so Stiles dumps the box of books in the room off of the kitchen and leaves.

If You're Wondering, If I Want You To (I Want You To) by pandacowhipster R, Derek’s not an expert on wooing or taking hints. He gets by with a little help from cult films.

The Faithful Argos by Ezlebe, Not Rated (I recall it being mild), When Scott became a werewolf, Stiles thought his secret was going to come out, that he wouldn’t have to hide anymore and that he’d have someone to run with again, even if it wasn’t his mom.

Words Like Sparks by kototyph, NC-17, The prompt, from the lovely Saucery:

>> stiles is an incredible songwriter




White Noise by thestreetballet, R, Stiles heads off to college, gets a life (and a boyfriend). This revelation makes Derek miserable in more ways then one; especially when he thinks he can sort of feel what's going on in Stiles' head.

Bittersweet Between My Teeth by melfice, R, At first he thinks it's the Adderall - the Adderall, mixed with the Jack and Coke, mixed with whatever else he shouldn't have drank - but this has never happened before, not like this.

Shhhh! I'm Listening To Reason by melfice, R, Stiles falls into a frozen lake, then falls into bed with a werewolf.

Just A Few Questions by Sweetsyren, G, Sheriff Stilinski has some questions. The answers aren't what he expected.

Survival Strategies and Interior Design by alocalband, G, It takes Derek a lot longer than it should to realize what Stiles is doing.

Darling It Is No Joke by thehoyden, NC-17, The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.

lockpicking 101 by sunsetpanic, R, YouTube is the devil, and Stiles is not cut out for a life of crime.

The One That You Are Looking For by inkjunket, Teen Wolf/Buffy, PG-13, Dingoes Ate My Baby comes to Beacon Hills.

the sky ain’t all there is by snowdarkred, Teen Wolf/Firefly, G, Stiles names his ship Malum Lupus, because he has a bad sense of humor five centuries out of date. No one’s ever called him on it, but then, Latin is a language deader than most and twice as obscure. He calls her a whole host of ridiculous nicknames, although the one that everyone else prefers is simply Wolf.

Maybe that’s what makes it so fitting that fugitive Derek Hale winds up in his cargo bay, half dead and more than a little feral.

His Words Were Pearls by Saucery, PG-13, Stiles gets a proposal. Derek doesn't punctuate like normal people.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon by thefarofixer, R, Derek is a fugitive. Stiles is a Federal Marshall. One night they meet at a bar in the desert.

Reasonable to Assume by Saucery, WIP, R, "You're a werewolf! He's a werebaby! How can you not know what to do with him?"

Monster Mash by Swing Set in December, Teen Wolf/Nightmare Before Christmas, G, Whatever happened to the Transylvania twist?

Love Potion Number Stiles by Menacherie, Teen Wolf/Harry Potter, Not Rated (G/Pg-13), Genim is eleven, and still Genim, but he's eleven and all his dreams are coming true

Genim is eleven and his eyes are covered by a big hat that talks and all he wants is to be just like his mom, follow her footsteps.

Instead the hat calls out Hufflepuff, but it makes Genim happy because he still has a huge family now, a family that isn’t his by blood, but through loyalty.

If I Could Turn Back Time by Menacherie, Not Rated (R), Stiles wakes up in a world in which Kate Argent was never born.

Simple Math by lizzstomania, G, "It's just math, Derek. It's me and you; it’s not rocket science and it's not Shakespeare. It's basic arithmetic and you, for some ungodly reason, never bothered to learn to add."

Nothing Gets By a Stilinski AKA Stiles Had to Get His Awesome From Somewhere by GoddessofBirth, R, In Which Sheriff Stilinski almost gives Stiles a heart attack

Disambiguation by idyll, R, The one where they're all scientists in Eureka, and Stiles is being stalked by Derek's freakishly lifelike animatronic wolf.

go home, or make a home by lady_ragnell, R, In a world where Derek lets Scott kill the Alpha and get the cure, he has to figure out how to rebuild his life, with help from Stiles.

Late Night Basement Songs by melfice, R, Band AU. They're still nobodies when Laura Hale hears them, when she asks them to open for her band at their show in Lincoln, Nebraska. Which is a little terrifying and extremely exciting and it's the first real gig they book. It's also the first time that Stiles meets Derek.

Being Pack by amusewithaview, Not Rated (R), Stiles is upset, Derek is surprisingly bothered by the idea that he might be the cause.

I had to take you and make you mine by nicodreams, G, In which Derek likes what Stiles is wearing, the Hale house starts to become a home again, and Lydia is obviously the smartest one around.

One Man Wolf Pack (or something) by avidlie, R, “I think I’m gay,” Stiles announces to the room at large, one that only contains Danny, himself, and copious amounts of chemistry homework, but is still just as empowering as it would've been otherwise.

Runaway Baby by avidlie, R, It’s not some huge, Becky-Rosen type crush where Stiles is suddenly writing Derek’s name on his school notebooks, or hiring superior supernatural beings to make him love potions or whatever. It’s manageable. Or the one where Stiles hasn't seen Derek in three weeks and is kind of freaking out about it.

I think I love you but I make no sound by nicodreams, R, “Operation Get-Stiles-Into-Derek’s-Pants is a go.” Because apparently there’s nothing I love more than Lydia + plan = Derek & Stiles 5ever.

Alpha Spikes by starbeast NC-17, AU. Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year's heat season, as a tribute to all they've done for their communities. Derek is an Alpha and...yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he's just turned eighteen. not his day.

Drive carefully. And don't forget to fasten your condom. by chase_acow, R, Derek explained the situation as clearly as he could while leaving out his own relationship with the boys, the alcohol at the party, and the fact they knew Jackson was responsible. Or that any werewolves were involved. Or that Stiles had turned out to be such a responsive little perv.

Heavy Petting by chase_acow, R, Stiles only knows one way to do relationships, and that's complicated.

Window Sneak by starbeast, R, Derek starts marking Stiles with his scent by wearing his clothes and touching all his stuff-- and worst of all, touching him. Stiles is...confused.

Unresolved Stiles Tension by starbeast, R, Four times Stiles asked if Derek found him attractive, and the one time Derek actually answered.

Collared by sephirothflame, NC-17, It was supposed to be a joke when Stiles said the words. He’s sleeping with a werewolf, the collar jokes were bound to come up eventually. Stiles just never thought Derek’s eyes would go blue and for it to get so – Stiles doesn’t know how to describe it, that feeling emanating from Derek beyond intense.

Of sharing shirts by sephirothflame, R, Stiles borrows one of Derek's shirts because he can, because likes the way it feels and smells. Derek likes the way Stiles smells when he wears it.

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight by skoosiepants, R, Self-indulgent hurt/comfort snuggle fic where they’re all real, actual wolves.

Stiles hates Scott so much. This is all Scott’s fault, Scott is the only reason that Stiles is going to get eaten by a bear.

adore to see your eyes fly by 1001cranes, NC-17, stiles is a pyromaniac, derek is a sociopath. a match made in some kind of heaven. teen wolf kink meme fill.

His Hands Illuminate by Saucery, NC-17, Stiles has a problem. (Actually, Stiles is the problem.) Derek has the solution. (Actually, Derek is the solution.)

Song of the Last Day by Saucery, Teen Wolf/Star Trek, WIP, R, First Officer D'rek wants to Pon Farr the hell out of little Ensign Stilinski.


Thrum by starbeast, NC17, Weeks ago Derek marked Jackson with his claws. Now, with the alpha getting closer and closer, he wants to finally claim him.


make me part of your atmosphere by avidlie, PG-13, Jackson, Danny thinks, is actually sort of beautiful.


Everybody Knows (Except You) by Swing Set in December , G, Jackson likes Scott. Though he'd rather walk across hot coals than admit it. It's a good thing Scott doesn't have a clue.


The Inside Job by alocalband, R, Lydia wakes up as Alpha and takes to it like she takes to everything. Perfectly. (Also Derek/Stiles)

The Long Overdue Movie by Jebiwonkenobi, R, Stiles had no idea how he'd become the go-to person for love advice in Beacon Hills but he was pretty certain that it was a sign of the coming apocalypse.

Want more? Here are some awesome rec lists from other people:

Am I Attractive to Gay Guys?*: Teen Wolf Fic Rec List by orange_8_hands

I have a plan for that - My Teen Wolf Derek/Stiles Fic Recs by swing_set13

Teen Wolf Fic Rec List [Season 1] by ninasafiri


Sons of Anarchy

Okay, so I started watching Sons of Anarchy last night because nokomis305 has been squeeing about it at me for a ways now and my tastes normally line up with hers. So last night we watched the first three eps together and I've got to admit that I'm fairly pleased with what I saw.

nokomis305 emailed me about what I thought of it this morning and I typed up the following right quick for her, and I thought, what the hey, why not share it with everyone?

My impressions so far are:

1. These boys believe they have impunity from everything, which makes them do really stupid things.
2. They need to realize that they aren't invincible and become smarter, craftier criminals. I like smart criminals.
3. They are a family in the same way that the mob is a family.
4. Something is rotten about Gemma and Clay's relationship.
5. Wendy (is that her name) is a junky and a bitch. I want her to go away
6. Tara is also a bitch, but I get the vibe that she really loved Jax and didn't want to leave him, but didn't want to be part of his family because they were criminals, and stupid criminals at that.
7. Gibs (the guy who is working with that Mexican gang) is a slippery snake. Things won't be easy to pin on him.
8. I want Abel to live. And I want Jax to be happy.
10. Bobby is awesome.
11. Juice (is that his name) is ridics adorable and stupid. Like a basset hound puppy.
12. Tig/Tick (not sure of the name again) is NASTY. He has, like, TEN STDs.
13. The one with the Irish accent should talk more.
14. Gemma is awesome and bad ass and I love her. It's clear she's all about her family, and the club totally counts as her family. Whatever is rotten with her relationship with Clay, I'm sure she acted in the way that she thought best protected her family. Even if it was bad/wrong, it was still what *she* thought was the best choice.
15. Jax is OMG SO PRETTY.
16. The deputy is annoying as shit, but clearly committed to law and order. Or at least committed to sticking it to the club.
17. The sheriff is a tool.
18. Opie is the underdog. I am really rooting for him. I hope he gets his shit together.
19. Donna is annoying. I get her drama, I do. But she can't pay her bills. And I have no patience for that. If she doesn't want to have her husband getting money the easy way, then she needs to bust her ass, work two jobs, and get her shit taken care of.
20. Prospect is the best comic relief ever.

More thoughts to come...



If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
— Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do you immediately look for?


Give me a character name (and an 'verse*, if relevant) and I'll write you a drabble about how they lost their virginity**.

*Which can be a canon 'verse, an AU I've written, or something you made up on the spot but think I might actually have something to say about.

**For many possible values of 'virginity,' depending on the character, situation, or my whim.

Snagged from poisonivory

Also... I might have spent five hours reading fic today. I FEEL NO SHAME.



Love is in the air

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